Social Media Marketing

Did you know that almost 8 out of 10 Singaporeans are active social media users? Despite that fact, many businesses do not know how to effectively reach out to a market of hungry social media users. Social media, with a proper plan, can be a powerful tool for businesses to engage and reach out to customers. Using quality content, social media pages become an ideal platform for bridging two-way communication between you and your customers.

Influencer Marketing

Imagine seeing an advertisement on a billboard about a certain new product. Then, imagine having a friend recommend you that particular product in a conversation.  Would you be more receptive to trying out the product after the former or the latter happened? That's exactly how Influencer Marketing works!  

Influencer Marketing is a highly effective way of creating greater brand awareness because someone else is recommending your products, for you. That's right, no more cringey messages or desperate ads!


It is important to target influencers who will connect you to the customers you want. These should be people whom your target audiences are already following. We can help you find the right bloggers, industry experts or social media influencers to create content that drives traffic to your website.


Every business wants to show off its products and services in the best light possible. Let's face it - we live in a world where customers judge your brand based on how your products look, even before they've tried them.


When potential customers visit your pages, the images and videos they see will either seal the deal, or turn your customers away. Our photography and videography expertise will cover you in product, staff, facility, office and event photoshoots. These professional photos and videos add value to your content and is especially important to drive across the message you want your customers to see.


From idea conception to art direction, we put together images and videos that tells your brand story in a fresh and engaging way.

Creatives & Design

Every time a customer views your brochure or name card, they are relating it to your corporate identity. If you wish to nail your first impression, the professional design of your corporate materials should not be overlooked.

Our talented designers can help you create beautiful, professional and practical corporate or marketing materials to complete your new sales pitch. Our portfolio includes logo design, letterhead design, name card design, corporate folder design and brochure design. As a one-stop web design agency, we have helped many of our clients with design work for their website-related campaign and sometimes even vehicle decals and product packaging, depending on what they need.

Campaigns & Activations

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to engage and reach out to prospects and customers, with major platforms being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The activities of social media marketing are mostly centred on creating and sharing text, video or image content to achieve a marketing goal. Social media platforms are ideal for bridging two-way communication between you and your customers.

Website Design

Everything on a landing page is geared towards one specific purpose or Call-To-Action (CTA). The aim can be to get email signups or make a sales pitch to convince a purchase or enquiry.


Landing pages go great with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or email marketing as it directs leads who are already interested in your product straight to your campaign. Using it with PPC ads and SEO keywords is a sure-fire way to increase conversion rates.

Your landing page should be simple and tell your customers clearly what you offer. It should also list your credentials and provide social proof to increase customer trust. We can optimise your landing page to fit your objective and analyse what works best for your campaign.

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