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Here at Hashbrown Media, we specialise in the handling of social media marketing such that companies are able to generate a continuous, healthy, two-way conversation with their customers. This helps customers remain engaged with their favourite brands, giving it a personal touch to marketing efforts, hence improving overall sales figures and brand image. 

In an age where social media is used among consumers of all ages and backgrounds, it is imminent for brands to work on their social media presence, in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

The company was intentionally called #brown because of the hashtag (#) - a quirky way to position ourselves as a social media agency specialising in food. 

Our functions include ideation, creating content, graphic design, photography, copywriting, handling customer replies and coming up with social media campaigns.

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The Patties
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Account Executive
Bryan Khoo
Joyce Foong
Chelsea Lim
Gwendolyn Khoo
Asaph Teo
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